18th--Double Trouble
25th--Mixed Signals
2nd--Small Town Roots
9th--Blonde and Blue
16th--Michael Cleary
23rd--Chris and Roland
30th--4 Barrel Billy
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February Bands

Fri. 28 - Boogie Boys
Sat. 29 - Fish HeadsSun. 

  Sun 1st - Chris Lynch
  Fri.6th - CJ West
  Sat. 7th - Yves lebel
  Sun. 8th - Michael Cleary - Solo
  Fri. 13th - The Modeans
  Sat. 14th - Bootleg Band
  Sun. 15th - Jackson Hill
  Fri. 20th - Bebobaloubob
  Sat. 21st - Greenstamps
  Sun. 22nd - Yves Lebel
  Fri. 27th - Mixed Signals
  Sat. 28th - Small Town Roots
  Sun. 29th - Great Hill Mt. Band

Trivia every Wednesday at 7:30, 
Karaoke every Thursday and 2nd Saturday at 8:30.